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Business Electricity Prices

If your company is looking to save money, or just wants to make sure that you are on the best tariff for your particular electricity usage levels then why not turn to us at We are a quick and simple price comparison website who can show you all of your business electricity price options with just one simple click of a button and put you in touch with the supplier of your choice so that you can easily find out more.

How it works

All you have to do is log on to and fill in all of your details. When you click on the button to get your rates we will contact you with all the relevant details. The service is completely free, and of course you could save your business money each year. You have nothing to lose by trying the service but there is so much that you could gain!

Of course, how much you could save depends on your usage and as each business is different your price comparisons will be tailored to suit you. Is your business open around the clock? Do you have a large workforce? Maybe you are a sole trader with no additional staff. The rate you are looking for needs to be relevant to you. You are guaranteed to get the best service from as we are experts in the utilities market and we can ensure the rates you are quoted are the most up to date.

Energy consumption

Just like with domestic energy supplies, rates change depending on the time of day you have your electricity running, and which tariff you are currently on. Our price comparison site will not only tell you which utility companies offer the best rates, but we can also help you choose a tariff that is more suitable to your energy consumption and needs. Some businesses operate on a 9-5 basis while others are a 24 hour operation. The tariffs each business is on should not be the same and you should, with the help of, be able to tailor your utilities package to suit your needs.

Duel fuel

Some utility companies will offer even cheaper business energy rates if you move both of your gas and electric supplies to them, this is known as a duel fuel tariff and could save you quite a bit of money. If you have both gas and electric on your premises, it may be worth considering this as an option.

When there are so many different options out there, why would you want to stay with something that is costing you too much? Changing is far easier than you might think – remember that suppliers are competing with each other for your business so they are continually evolving their deals in order to entice you to sign on the dotted line. Don’t settle for a deal that is not working in your best interests!

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